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Come see The Bold City Magic Show featuring Nathan Coe Marsh as seen on Penn & Teller's Fool US . Full of laughs, and amazing MAGIC!! Join us for our 1 year Anniversary with our biggest act yet! This show will feature the absolute best magicians. Enjoy a night out and experience the BEST live magic. You've seen magicians all over TV and the big screen, but nothing compares to seeing real live magic up close and personal. No camera tricks and no special effects, just some incredible magic. Come out to Main Event and enjoy great food, fun, and of course some AMAZING Magic!!


  • Reserved Seats (No worries about getting there early for the seats you want. Reserve your spot and show up ready to enjoy the show)

  • Table-side magic prior to the show (You'll be treated to some world class Close-Up magic prior to the show. Some of which will take place in YOUR hands.)

  • In order to enjoy dinner during the show please stop at La Bella's (The food service counter on the way to the show room) You can place your dinner order at La Bella's and it will served to you at your table.


Bringing live Magic to venues all across Jacksonville

We are a community of magicians who want to expand the Art of Magic and give magic a performance space across this beautiful city. Whether it is amazing table side magic at your favorite restaurant, a corporate event or one of our stage shows we want to expand the places and ways for you to experience live magic here in Jacksonville.



The Best Performers, The Best Show , The Best Atmosphere!!!



If you are looking for an entertaining night away from the house there is no better show than one produced by Smoke and Mirrors JAX. Started by some of Jacksonville's most up and coming performers, this show features the best magician's from all over North East Florida. You are always sure to see amazing "mind-blowing" magic.

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We have pulled together the best talent in North East Florida to provide you with the best possible show. We schedule every act in order to provide your event with the most hard hitting and fun magic. Whether you just want to kick back and enjoy the show, or get involved, there is always something amazing to see.

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In addition to seeing a great show you also have the opportunity to share a drink and maybe a trick or two with the performers. There is always time for a little extra magic after the show. So order a drink, sit back and spend some time enjoying the magic community as it continues to grow in Jacksonville.


The art of a magician is to create wonder. If we live with a sense of wonder, our lives become filled with joy.

Doug Henning



Get in touch with us today to learn more about our performance schedule and special events. If you are a Magician that is interested in performing please send us a message. Although we run an "open mic" all of the performance slots are filled up in advance. So if you want to get on the list, please contact us and we look forward to having you in an upcoming show.

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